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Training Courses

Boost your enterprise knowledge with our courses.


Our trainers are certified by the most recognized global institutions. Courses are conducted under the standards provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Scrum Alliance, thus guaranteeing the highest quality.


Ground Rules

This training provides basic rules about how a development team has to perform under the Scrum framework.


Tools and Techniques

Learn 10 tools & techniques to help your teams to have better  performance at Scrum meetings.

Agile Scope

A course designed to teach how to manage requirements in agile environments. 



Improve your team skills to collect requirements and to manage the scope of your projects. 



Ensure that your quality standards are being achieved. Learn how to develop and implement a quality policy.

Communications and Stakeholder Management

Communications are the key to project success!
This course is designed for enhancing your communication performance.

Risk Management

Watch out! Risks are important!
Identify your project risks, analyze them, plan and implement risk responses.

Cost Management

Learn how to estimate costs, determine a budget, manage reserves and control expenses throughout your projects. 

Schedule Management

How to manage your project activities?
Learn how to develop and control a schedule for your projects.

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